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Welcome to the home of the inevitable future. inNOLTime...
Welcome to the home of the inevitable future.

  Overview of Main Screen

The main NOL window displays the NOL Status, your online time stamp, and contains the ability to launch NOL Keywords, access internet URLs, and display internet ads. You may minimize the NOL main screen at any time by clicking the minimize button.

Status area - Where you see the NOL Online time stamp in green is your status area. This shows a timestamp for when the internet connection was detected. When NOL is dialing the internet, you will see where NOL is dialing here.

Extended Status area - Next to the status area is the large NOL Icon. This animates when a new ad is displayed, NOL receives an Atomic Clock update, or NOL is in the Login process. When you place your mouse over this area, NOL displays extended status including a second by second count of your online time today, and total, as well as any atomic clock updates and your NOL Services which are active.

Moving NOL around on the screen - NOL has a unique docking feature and will dock to any edge of your screen when dropped there. To Drag and Drop NOL around on your screen simply click your mouse in the status area (time stamp), hold the mouse button, drag, then let go. NOL will also remember where you last had it on your screen so next time it loads right where you want it.

Main Options
  To access the NOL Setup options, use NOL Keyword: setup, or pull down the menu and click NOL Setup.

Minimize Button - Use this button as a conveinent way to minimize NOL from your screen quickly. You may also use NOL keyword: minimize.

Exit "X" Button - This button requires a double click to exit NOL. This is to ensure you do not accidentally exit NOL.

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